Bourchier Bound for Europe

Harry has taken off to start his campaign on the Red European Clay. After a two month break from tournaments Harry is excited and ready to get back out on the match court to post some great results in his upcoming tournaments. Harry will start in Milan, Italy playing a Grade A junior tournament. Harry says, “I love the tournament and the set up in the beautiful Italian city and I can’t wait to get back out there.”

Harry will then move on to the Slovenia F2 Futures in Maribor, Slovenia. Here Harry will try to gain some final match practice and valuable ATP ranking points before heading to Roland Garros Junior French Championships starting June, 1.

Harry’s last two months were spent training in his home town of Hobart and he feels like he is in some of the best shape of his career. Harry has really focused on strengthening and conditioning his body over the few months, to try and continue to becoming a fitter and stronger player. Harry is hoping this focus will help him to make deeper runs in tournament draws, as his body and mind will be more able to keep up the with the very high physical and mental demands of tournament play.

After Roland Garros Junior French Championships Harry will move to the grass court season and in particular, The Wimbledon Juniors Championships. Stay tuned for Harry’s results over the coming weeks. A list of upcoming tournaments and dates are below:

55° Trofeo Bonfiglio Milan, Italy – 19 May – 25 May 2014

Slovenia F2 Futures Maribor, Slovenia – 26 May – 01 June 2014

Roland Garros Junior French Championships Paris, France  01 June – 07 June 2014

Roland Garros 2013

Roland Garros 2013


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