Harry wins his first European match!

Hello Everyone!

I’ve made my way to Napoli, Italy with the team for the F6 future! It was six long hours in the car from the Italian training base to get here. Today I played my first European tournament of the year and won 6/3 6/4! I play my second round of qualifying tomorrow. I have had strong physical training while I have been in Europe. I believe this physical training has improved my game both physically and mentally, thanks to my coach Liam Smith. Liam has been invaluable for me over couse of the year. I really believe I can have some great results with the training, preparation and team I have around me and because of this I’m in a clear and strong space. I look forward to geting some great results!

Stay tuned!

A big shout out to my older sister Ella who with her tennis team from UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas) won the Mountain Conference Championships.  The team defeated San Diago State 4-1 in the conference final which was played at Air Force, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ella who is in her last season as senior at UNLV will now go on to play in the NCAA tournament which will start in 2 weeks.

Goodluck Ella!

Ella in action at the Mountain West Conference Championships

Ella in action at the Mountain West Conference Championships


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