Italian training

I’m here just outside of Pisa, Italy at the Italian Federation training base. Similar to AIS back home in Australia. It is an awesome place to train, no destination around because its in between to towns near the beach. You can just dig deep and get some solid work done on and off the court, in the gym, running track and in the school books. I’m half way through this little 2 week Italian training block and my body is holding up nicely. It’s Sunday here today so we might go for a drive around and see some tourist attractions. Last night we went into the city of Pisa and had an amazing pizza at one of many pizzerias. We also had a good look at the leaning tower of Pisa and some of the city. (Photo below)

My usual day consists of standing up at 7:30 heading down to the food cafeteria. We normally start hitting tennis balls at 9 so have to do all warm up and injury prevention work beforehand. We arrive in the gym at around 8:20 to begin all this. We have some very tough physical session on the clay courts here. We finish up on the court around 11:30 if we’re lucky then we head into the gym and do some strength work which takes around an hour – hour and half. I’m pretty tired but this stage so we come back to the room shower up clean up get ready for the afternoon. Head to lunch then after lunch we get about 2 hours school work done. After we are back on the courts around 3:30 for an on court session which is followed by a running track session doing sled running or 400m work outs. Now I start to feel my legs! It is very convenient that we are only 5 mins away from the beach, we are able to do some recovery work and come back to have a 30 min stretching session then if we have more school work this would be the time. Dinner is usually quite late over here around 8-9 pm so this is when we whined things down and start chilling out for the next day.
A typical day consists of:

Wake up 7:30
Warm up rehab work 8:20
Hitting on court  9
Gym 11:45
Lunch 1-1:30
School 1:30-2
Hitting on court 3:30-4
Running session 5:30-6
Beach recover  6:30
Catch up time 7
Dinner 8-9
Chill out time

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy


1 thought on “Italian training

  1. Leaning Tower of Pisa a great spot. I remember the shop keepers being bad tempered around there as they see so many tourists!! Judy

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